Why do we Work and why do we Smile?

PERSOL understands that we are not just workers. We are humans who work. And it is human nature to look for joy and meaning in everything we do.

Why do we Work and why do we Smile? The short answer is that it’s different for everyone. For each of us, our smile comes from different things. But at the heart of it all is fulfillment.

What fulfils us is unique to who we are, where we live and where we are in life. Behind every smile, there’s a story. And our story is linked to the choices we make, based on the opportunities we have.

For Me

Some strive for personal success

For We

Some long to be part of a bigger team

For Us

Some endeavour to create more for their family

For All of Us

Others work for a greater purpose

PERSOL believes when we know why we work, we’ll work and smile.

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PERSOL Group Businesses operating across Asia-Pacific

PERSOL is a leading Global HR Solutions Provider. Operating across 14 Countries, PERSOL offers a wide range of services to many of the world’s leading businesses.

Services offered across Asia Pacific:
  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Temporary and Contract Staffing
  • Executive Recruitment
  • Payroll Solutions
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Human Resource Management Consulting
  • Regional Talent Solutions
  • Staffing and Recruitment for Japanese Businesses
  • Training Programs and Services
  • HR Technology Solutions
  • Facility Management and Maintenance Services (ANZ only)
  • Home Care and Disability Support (AU only)

Explore how The PERSOL Group provides business services in your region.

Work and Smile

Working life is a journey of growth and creation.
We all have big dreams, and there are many
different paths to success.
Thus, we need to make our own choices from
a range of diversified work opportunities.

Our vision is to enrich society so that all work leads
to lives of happiness.